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funontheupfield ([personal profile] funontheupfield) wrote2017-08-06 09:32 am

A Working Bike

About four years ago I bought a Yuba Mundo cargo bike with intentions to use it for work. I wanted to use the bike as a showpiece at community events, but I didn't ever get it set up properly. After a few months of it sitting in my shed, I loaded it to a family and Dad and Ms under-5 use it a couple of times a week commuting to the swimming pool and to child care. This weekend I made a start at the project that inspired the bike purchase.

Part of my job involves going to community festivals and getting people excited about riding bikes, to get people thinking about the travel choices they make and to encourage them to use energy efficient options as often as possible. A lot of the time that's about getting people to question using the car as their default travel option and pointing out that a lot of the time there are better options than using a 1 tonne car to transport a 100kg person + bag.

Attending one of these events involves carrying a lot of kit - tables, pamphlets, banners, giveaway trinkets - so I usually come with a station wagon full of stuff. Driving to one of these events in order to convince people not to drive always struck me as a double standard.

The aspiration was to create a cargo bike that could also be a festival stall. Part of the aspiration involved using the bike as part of the attraction - as an alternative to using semi-disposable trinkets to attract people. That would involve putting the bike on chocks and taking advantage of the drive train to do something fun.

This weekend's goal - create a table for the back of the bike.

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