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A working prototype for a working bike

Last weekend (the weekend of 5-6 Aug) I spend a "crafternoon" working on the Yuba bike. I prototyped a bike-portable table using Gaffer Tape, Corflute and ag-pipe.

(Google Photos)

I'm reasonably happy with the result - and the corflute creation is solid enough to be a templating material if the final version needs to be constructed from something more robust. (There's compromise I'll need to make here between mass and durablity. Use will tell me how rugged the final product needs to be).

For now it will do, and I need to work on the next problem - how to safely lift the rear wheel off the ground and support it so it can be ridden. If I can achieve that I can use pedalling actions drive something fun. Currently I have been using stand a custom made device that attaches to the rear bike frame. Neither have worked as well as I hoped, and I've damaged the stand during my experiments (better that than bending the frame, but still an expensive mistake). I suspect I'll need to use something like a motorcycle stand. Hopefully I can find a stand that isn't too bulky to carry.
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Can't see the images I'm afraid, at least not on Dreamwidth.

Have you got access to welding equipment? (Aluminium welding would even be better and lighter)

I'm thinking two slanted legs attached to a crossbar over the back tyre would work well. Have them clip out the way under the seat when not in use and fold out wide for stability.

Umm. Let me get out my CAD app and send you some sketches :-)
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Ooh that $50 stand is NICE. Go with that!